• Le 14 mars 2017
    Université de Leiden

Le Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes (LLING, UMR 6310 - CNRS & Université de Nantes) co-organise un atelier sur les langues d'héritage dans le cadre de GLOW 2017 - 40th Generative Linguistics in the Old World.

8h45 - 9h00     Accueil

9h00 - 10h00     Invité : Silvina Montrul

10h00 - 10h20     Pause café

10h20 - 10h55     Artemis Alexiadou & Terje Lohhndal
Heritage languages and urban vernaculars : a case study of verb placement

10h45 - 11h30     Brechje van Osch, Suzanne Aalberse, Aafke Hulk & Petra Sleeman
Explicit knowledge on subject position in L2 and heritage Spanish in the Netherlands

11h30 - 12h05     Barbosa Pilar, Cristina Flores & Esther Rinke
Null objects in Heritage Portuguese

12h05 - 12h35     Jiyoung Choi & Hamida Demirdache
Experimentally investigating intervention effects in adult, child and Heritage Korean

12h35 - 14h00     Déjeuner

14h00 - 14h35    Stefano Quaglia, Tanja Kupisch & Anika Lloyd-Smith
Language dominance, structural complexity and variation: competing factors in the acceptability of Italian embedded wh-questions

14h35 - 15h10     Kristin Melum Eide
Chasing the overlap: Heritage language, multiple grammars, selection and convergence

15h10 - 15h45     Fuchs Zuzanna, Gregory Scontras & Maria Polinsky
Restructuring in heritage grammars

15h45 - 16h05     Pause café

16h05 - 16h40    Antje Stoehr, Titia Bender, Janet van Hell & Paula Fikkert
Bilingual preschoolers' VOT development benefits from more heritage language exposure

16h40 - 17h30    Discussion